A De’Vine Passion

Who starts their career over at 45 years of age in an industry that she has never worked in? Me! My name is DeShaunda Lincoln, everyone calls me Dee. May 15, 2019, my white-collar professional career of 17 plus years ended, and I finally decided to fully commit to following my passion...WINE!

The journey for my passion for wine begins more than seven years ago when I met my now (ever so good lookin') husband who at the time worked in the beverage industry for over 20 years. I was not really into adult beverages and always wanted the sweet stuff or fruity drinks.

Being in the industry, Sean has fantastic taste and appreciates a good bottle of wine. He will tell anyone upfront that he was friends with my parents before meeting me, so with that being said, he brought them over a bottle of 2004 Opus One. If you are not a wine drinker look it up, if you are your mouth is drooling. Needless to say, he was a keeper in their eyes, and I was ever so gradually introduced to the good stuff!

Fast forward to many wine dinners, industry events, and trips to wine country, I grew to an appreciation for beautiful wine and excellent food. My palet began to refine, and passion began to grow.

Throughout the years, invitations to wine events increased, the opportunity to attend formal events were frequent, then came subscriptions to wine magazines and publications, wine club memberships, participation in wine tasing events in private cellars. Do you know the saying "if you can't stop thinking about it, maybe it is meant to be"? My constant dreams of someday having my own wine cellar, being on the board of a wine society, drinking fine wines from all over the world and eventually being an entrepreneur in the wine industry became stronger, and I would immerse myself where ever I could.

During this time, I also shared my love for personal growth and mastery. I would attend the conferences and seminars, listen to all of the podcasts, read the books, meet with my own life coach, consistently hearing the message to follow my dreams. Now, let me tell you something about this girl. She will gladly blind taste a bottle of wine that has been sitting in a dark cellar with mold and spider webs growing on the side of the bottle with no label before she takes a leap of faith to leave a six-figure income to pursue her dreams. Yeah. No. That's not happening!

I continue to dream and wish, knowing deep down inside that there was a bigger plan for me, and I was made for more. Three wine society memberships, 7 wine club , a minimum of five winemaker dinners per month, trips to wine country, enrollment into a wine certification program, a wine-themed wedding and eventually a beautiful wine room built by my husband was still not loud enough to get me to leave my day job to pursue what I truly loved. My graphic designer (Fullcercle Designs) created my logo three years ago and even bought me a mug, pen, and magnets with my logo on it for goodness sakes. Wine dinners until 11pm and alarm going off at 4:30 am still was not enough to get me to pursue what I truly loved.

May 15, 2019, Human Resources called a meeting, and I was blessed out the door. Office downsized and my position eliminated. One would think that this would be a loss for me, but it was really an awakening. It was EXACTLY what I needed to finally be who I was meant to be and do what I needed to do. That moment happened for me, not to me.

Since that day, I have passed my WSET Level 1 wine certification, traveled to Napa, studying for my WSET Level 2 and stepped into my new life. De'Vine Taste! And this is where I need to be!

Please join me on this journey. I will share my wine knowledge and education with you. I will give you suggestions on how to buy wine on a budget without sacrificing taste or show you where to spend all of your money if you need to impress your boss. Going to wine country? No problem, I have fantatastic tips whether you go solo or with a bunch of your girls.

It took me a long time, but I am here and living proof that Life should be as De'Vine as wine!

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  1. Cousin Dee, I am so very proud of you!!! You are truly an inspiration to those of us that feel we are too old to begin a new chapter in our lives. Sometimes we need that life changing jolt to make us realize that we are worth more than just a 9-5. Congratulations I know you are going to do very well!


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