Are there really days dedicated to observe and celebrate wine?


As I am preparing for this blog, I begin my research on months and days to recognize and celebrate certain wines, wine varieties, or regions. There is a decent amount of information out on the world wide web. I also referred to personal notes of mine that I have collected on certain days to recognize and celebrate wine varieties.  Are there official days to celebrate and drink wine? Yes, is the answer! However, there are several conflicts as to the observance of these days. Take, for instance, probably in my opinion, an essential day; National Wine Day, not to be confused with National Drink Wine Day.

National Wine Day is the sister holiday to National Drink Wine Day (Who knew that days had sisters?). It is apparent they are entirely different. Truth be told since their hashtags are different #NationalWineDay and #NationalDrinkWineDay.

National Wine Day, observed on May 25, is documented as a celebrated day to buy, appreciate its history, and drink wine. The origin of this day has very few details. It appears to be a good chance this was the day back in 4300BC where there was an actual winery found that produced wine. There is little information on how this particular day was given its official title for the calendar. In classic wine like fashion, there are quite a few fun facts, traditions, and recommendations on how to enjoy the day. Fun fact; did you know that wine only has 1/10th the antioxidants of soy sauce? I did not know that, but I certainly knew that global warming might change where wine can and will grow in the future (another published fact)— moving on.

National Drink Wine Day, observed on February 18, is documented as an unofficial holiday. This day is said to celebrate the joy and health benefits of wine. Is wine healthy? If the internet says February 18 is the day to celebrate the health benefits of wine, it is officially on my calendar! It is important to drink in moderation, as there are significant risks and consequences if not consumed responsibly. Just like it's sister holiday National Wine Day, the actual history of the day is lost. This holiday most likely was started by an enthusiast of wine or someone working in the industry. The recommended way to celebrate this day is to open up your favorite bottle of wine and enjoy with friends and family. Yes, this is my daily life! Regardless I will celebrate this special day like its Christmas!

Now on to celebrated wine months. Take for instance August, Washington Wine Month not to be confused with March as Taste Washingon Wine Month.

Taste Washington Wine Month begins on March 1 of every year in Washington state. The Taste is a celebration of Washington wines dedicated to a full month of events by restaurants, retailers, hotels, and wineries honoring fantastic wine in the state of Washington. Why wouldn't anyone want to pay tribute to a region that has over 950 wineries, more than 350 grape growers and 50,000 acres of vineyards? Cue the hashtag #WAWINE.

So what is the purpose of Washington Wine Month in August? Since Washington is such a growing and well-respected wine region, it gets a full 31 days of additional dedicated wine festivities! The Washington State Wine Commission purchased the domain winemonth to let everyone know this does exist ( ). A specific time of the year to highlight and showcase the beautiful wines produced out of this region. Hashtag time... #WAWineMonth

The days and months dedicated to recognizing wine are endless. National Rosé Day is observed annually on the second Saturday in June. However, some say International Rosé Day is on August 14. All calendars point to August 18 for Pinot Noir day. #PinotNoirDay. The jury is still out as to whether or not International Cabernet Sauvignon Day is August 29 or 30. Since August 30 is on a Friday this year, I will go with that! #cabsauvday.

There are 365 days in the calendar year. If you genuinely need to have a special day and excuse to celebrate and drink wine, then the internet is full of them. In my opinion, wine all on its own is a joyous occasion. Don't get me wrong it is always fun to have a reason to observe and recognize something unique. Think about it; you are unique and so is life, so glorify that every day and have a glass of vino whenever you like!
Remember; Life should taste as De'Vine as wine!

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  1. Who knew there were so many wine holidays?!! Love it. ❤️ 🍷 where’s The white wine emoji?’ Or the 🌹 rose emoji?! Lol!

    1. There definatly needs to be differnt wine empojis. Beaujolais day is coming up next week, definatly a perfect time to try such a beautiful wine! Cheers!

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